Long-awaited International BIM standards published

2019-01-24 | Administrator | BIM

The long-awaited first two parts of a new international BIM standard have been published, providing a framework for managing information through collaborative working using BIM.

They form part of ISO 19650, organization and digitisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling – Information management using building information modelling.

The move marks the transition from the PAS 1192 series of standards to international standards.

Part 1 deals with concepts and principles, while Part 2 covers the delivery phase of the assets.

Jøns Sjøgren, chair of the ISO technical subcommittee that developed the standards, said they will enable more widespread use of BIM and lead to more efficient building and infrastructure projects.

He said: “ISO 19650 was developed on the basis of the tried-and-tested British standard BS 1192 and publicly available specification PAS 1192-2, which have already been shown to help users save up to 22% in construction costs.

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