BIM Consultancy

Our BIM consultancy is geared to help you adapt to new processes and procedures becoming apparent in the construction industry. These new processes affect all disciplines throughout the life-cycle of a construction project across all industry sectors. Rather than creating a broad brush of assistance on offer, we have carefully broken down our consultancy offering into the following categories:

Our discovery offering is based primarily on helping you understand your current information management capability and what requirements you may have for progression and change.  We will assist you in analysing your current processes and procedures to identify where efficiencies could be gained.  We’ll look in to your current operating IT capabilities and understanding of the changes related to information management released in recent industry best practice.  This phase will allow you to make the right decisions based on a short, medium and long term solution

Change Strategy
Having identified your destination, we need to set the path. We will help piece together the individual components that will ensure a successful transition relevant to your business requirements. A change strategy can take many forms and can include a number of functions within your organisation. This is a process we will walk through together to give you the best understanding possible of what is changing, and most importantly why it is changing and what the expected results are

Now we have a destination and a path, we now need to move. No change can be successful if it’s not measurable, which is where this phase plays a huge part in your success. We will assist you in creating and mobilising a successful implementation plan which will track and measure performance against an agreed set of objectives, aligned with the change strategy. This is where you will start seeing the results of a well thought out and planned transition into the Data driven future

Change Monitoring and Change Subscription
To add peace of mind during your transition, we offer a monitoring service to help keep you on track and assist when things change. After all, the construction industry is full of surprises and we never know what may come around the corner. This change we are experiencing is also not a one-stop-shop; as we are moving into a Data driven future we are becoming heavily reliant upon technology where the speed of change is exponential. That’s not to say that you will need to be continually changing your business plans. However, it is prudent to keep abreast of technological advances within the industry and make small changes along the way so as to prevent another major step change in the future.