The built environment is all around us.  Man-made structures like roads, bridges, buildings, and parks form urban spaces where people live, work and socialise.  However, the built environment is not just the physical structures we see, it’s also about communication and connection.  The built environment is our community.

For the world to continue thriving in its’ social, economic and ecological interactions, the built environment must grow in a smart and sustainable way.  Climate change is directly impacted by the built environment through transportation systems, building construction and how we plan and use the land around us.  Buildings and how they operate effect energy consumption, pollution levels and natural surroundings.

The planning and design of cities, towns and public spaces is critical in the provision of excellent public and environmental services, health care and transportation.  Increasingly to include access to WIFI and mobile technology, healthy food, community gardens, places to walk and ride bikes.  All of these things have proven significant and affect our mental health and wellbeing.  Badly planned urbanisation isolates people in our communities and can negatively affect how we live our lives.

AIMIS understands how digital technology can be used effectively in the construction of the built environment and the many benefits it brings.  Buildings can be developed utilising a collaborative approach to information so that the delivery, operation and renewal of the built environment is sustainable, safer and more efficient.  We are passionate about helping the construction industry adapt and thrive using innovations of the digital age and better connect people with their built environment.



about Aimis

about AIMIS

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