Author: Lucy Lee

Winning BIM Projects

Are you a follower or a leader? Do you wait to be told you need to do something, or do you prepare your business beforehand? Are you an innovative leader who takes early action, or do you wait for others to experiment first? There are a lot of misconceptions around BIM, specifically the work you […]

BIM Project Requirements

More and more projects now have requirements for BIM and the golden thread to be utilised, as the industry realises the value of the many benefits it brings. Architects and contractors are being asked about their ability to provide information management to ISO 19650 standards, and for their experience in delivering to this to be […]

Becoming BIM Enabled

According to a survey conducted by Viewpoint Construction, the main barrier that’s preventing businesses from using BIM in their projects is the lack of training that’s received. Without this, it can be very time-consuming and complicated to adopt BIM into the business. There are plenty of reasons why using BIM is growing in popularity – […]