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BIM is a standard, a way of working, not a task

BIM is about DATA. The collection of data and the ability to store and share that data easily. Some construction project data comes in the form of models but also in many other forms. A planning application document is data. A building product spec sheet is data. A labourer’s timesheet is data.

The most important element of a BIM enabled project is the quality of the data which is held for that project. That data should cover the project’s whole lifecycle, from brief to planning application through to a digital O&M manual and into building use.

BIM enables a collaborative way of working, where anyone involved in the project has access to data from any stage in the project to assist them in their stage.

Managing Director, Matt Samways aims to dispel the myths about what ‘BIM’ is to the industry’s press in his latest article. The piece was picked up by;

UK Construction Online – https://www.ukconstructionmedia.co.uk/features/building-bim-digital-future/

BIM Today – https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/digital-construction/bim-news/bim-compliance-aims/112889/

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