Winning BIM Projects

Are you a follower or a leader? Do you wait to be told you need to do something, or do you prepare your business beforehand? Are you an innovative leader who takes early action, or do you wait for others to experiment first? There are a lot of misconceptions around BIM, specifically the work you […]

BIM Project Requirements

More and more projects now have requirements for BIM and the golden thread to be utilised, as the industry realises the value of the many benefits it brings. Architects and contractors are being asked about their ability to provide information management to ISO 19650 standards, and for their experience in delivering to this to be […]

Becoming BIM Enabled

According to a survey conducted by Viewpoint Construction, the main barrier that’s preventing businesses from using BIM in their projects is the lack of training that’s received. Without this, it can be very time-consuming and complicated to adopt BIM into the business. There are plenty of reasons why using BIM is growing in popularity – […]

Using BIM Processes for Carbon Analysis

For us to truly understand the ways that the construction industry is affecting the environment, we must analyse the data we gather as precisely as possible. Yes, you already know, the best way to gather data is through using BIM processes! Analysing the carbon impact from every material and process used can help us to […]

Digital Twins, Simplified

What are digital twins and why do we need them?  There’s no doubt that digital twins have been an innovative technical development in the construction world. With their endless ability, the way that we design, construct, and manage buildings have been completely enhanced. Digital twins are a necessity for helping contractors, developers, engineers, owners and […]

Backfill BIM

In 2022, BIM should be more coherent in the real estate industry than it currently is. BIM is gradually being adopted on new construction projects but what about buildings in use that aren’t BIM enabled? Consultants like AIMIS are providing a ‘Backfill BIM’ service to building owners and asset managers who want to learn how […]

BIM is a standard, a way of working, not a task

BIM is about DATA. The collection of data and the ability to store and share that data easily. Some construction project data comes in the form of models but also in many other forms. A planning application document is data. A building product spec sheet is data. A labourer’s timesheet is data. The most important […]

What will be the driving force behind a digitally built Britain

The first target date for BIM being a mandatory requirement was back in 2016. What’s so frustrating is the misconception carried across the industry, by those who aren’t fully aware of what it means to be working ‘to BIM’. This is probably due to the way in which the first iteration of a standard was […]

Why data is the construction industry’s answer to climate change

Over the last two decades, built environment emissions have reduced by 30%. However, the vast majority of this can be attributed to a reduction in operational emissions rather than the improvement of energy efficiency in our buildings. We know that newer buildings are more energy efficient and the past 10 years has seen a gear […]