Winning BIM Projects

Are you a follower or a leader? Do you wait to be told you need to do something, or do you prepare your business beforehand? Are you an innovative leader who takes early action, or do you wait for others to experiment first? There are a lot of misconceptions around BIM, specifically the work you […]

Backfill BIM

In 2022, BIM should be more coherent in the real estate industry than it currently is. BIM is gradually being adopted on new construction projects but what about buildings in use that aren’t BIM enabled? Consultants like AIMIS are providing a ‘Backfill BIM’ service to building owners and asset managers who want to learn how […]

Why data is the construction industry’s answer to climate change

Over the last two decades, built environment emissions have reduced by 30%. However, the vast majority of this can be attributed to a reduction in operational emissions rather than the improvement of energy efficiency in our buildings. We know that newer buildings are more energy efficient and the past 10 years has seen a gear […]

Construction projects: Accurate, standardised and robust data

Many organisations are beginning to win the war on data governance, with mature data structures, well-defined libraries and efficient, accessible digital systems in place for data submission. Yet, the battle to obtain accurate data from the supply chain persists. Focus on this weak point is essential if industry is to truly embed data-driven practices. Historically, […]

Never let a good crisis go to waste

As members of our regional Chamber of Commerce, AIMIS were asked to give comment on the current climate, specifically for the construction industry and how they can utilise technology to bounce back from the pressures it’s faced during the ongoing pandemic. Traditionally, construction clients and their supply chain have been slow to adopt digital processes […]