My clients aren’t asking me for BIM. Why should I bother?

Whilst BIM hasn’t been adopted by the whole industry yet, and some sectors haven’t been touched by it at all, it will become mandatory, probably sooner than we all think.

That said, the best reasons for working within BIM and to the ISO 19650 standard are to save time, minimise risk and increase your profitability.

Changing the way in which you work through digitising your business has so many benefits and will ensure your business is future proofed. Soon you will need evidence of working within BIM to be involved in almost every project.

You should bother, because without BIM, you soon won’t have a business.

How many businesses in my sector are already ISO 19650 certified?

We don’t know the exact number, but according to a survey carried out in 2021, which was responded to by nearly 500 construction businesses, across every sector, just 30% of businesses said they were ISO 19650 certified.

However, 65% said they are working towards it and when asked how soon they thought the entire industry would be working to ISO 19650, everyone gave answers ranging between 1 and 5 years. So, by 2027 the industry themselves expect every business to be working to ISO 19650 and therefore fully BIM enabled. That’s not a government target. It’s not a forecast made by an industry body. It’s what the industry say, the people on the ground delivering projects.

What do we need to do to become ISO 19650 certified?

An assessment of your business will be required to ascertain whether your systems and current processes can be adapted, or whether you need new software and technology solutions to allow for the standards to be met.

Each business has unique needs and requires different levels of support when it comes to adopting new ways of working and to solving the challenges that this presents. Whether that be to recommend and implement new processes, new software, or even train your existing resource to meet the requirements of the industry standards.

How long will it take to become ISO 19650 certified?

Timescales will vary, dependant on the size of your organisation and the number of people you wish to involve in the process.

I became PAS 1192 (BIM Level 2) certified in 2019. Can I still use that?

PAS 1192 certification lasts 3 years from the date you achieved it. Once it expires, you will be required to obtain an ISO 19650 certification to remain compliant.

Will ISO 19650 require me to invest in new software and systems?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you have in place in your business already. It may be that there are adaptations that can be made to your existing set up.