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Lonely BIM: Adoption, engagement and Better Information Management

BIM requires people to change the way they do things and, as with any change, there needs to be a tangible business driver for it to be sustainable.

The adoption of BIM within housing has suffered from the perception that it is a technology, largely one around 3D modelling, so other people in the businesses engaged in delivery, such as procurement, installation, inspection, operations and commercial management, can be alienated.

Yet, ironically, they are the people who can contribute most of the really important information.

Even now, 10 years since the government announced the mandate, most BIM is “lonely BIM” – individual firms (largely designers) creating models and exchanging files but largely following the same processes they have always done and delivering very limited usable asset information.

To achieve what BIM promises, the whole team, including clients, need to fully engage.

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