Jenner Contractors

Jenner Contractors engaged with AIMIS to work collaboratively on their pilot BIM project and their digital transformation plans to introduce BIM processes and procedures, enhancing their ability to procure and utilise digital asset information.

The work began by AIMIS carrying out a high-level model audit and advising the design team on how best to develop the models during technical design and Building Control submission, leveraging quantity take off and clash management.

AIMIS then identified collaborative working environment requirements and developed a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) based on promoting collaborative behaviours and managing the project information model to deliver the Employers Information Requirements (EIR) in a digital format.

The whole project team were involved in bespoke training and workshops delivered by AIMIS, which covered BIM standards and collaborative behaviours, as well as introducing and explaining the BEP to the team and promoting the ways in which everyone can benefit from the models and processes contained within.

AIMIS involvement focused on inclusive development, ensuring that knowledge was transferred, and relevant team members trained to allowing the ongoing management of digital information for business improvements and future project requirements:

  • Developing information delivery plans
  • The use of new software tools
  • Clash detection activities and managing issues through Navisworks
  • Managing the common data environment process
  • Training site teams in the use of digital technologies

This project led to Jenner (in collaboration with their client) commissioning AIMIS to create the MEP BIM model from the design drawings to validate the MEP design routes and identify potential clashes.  After identifying a number of coordination issues typically associated with only having information in a 2D format, AIMIS engaged with the designers to help further explain the design coordination effort, and has informed the installation activities. Installed asset locations and the addition of extract ventilation will subsequently be added to the model to inform the asset information being handed over to the client.

From initially engaging over one projects’ requirements, our working partnership with AIMIS quickly grew arms and legs! Their invaluable knowledge, experience and ability to translate the digital construction language into a digestible plan of activity, gave us the incentive we needed to progress with our internal BIM development plans. We’re very pleased with the personable, all-round, flexible service they’ve provided.

Dean Elvidge

Pre-Construction Director, Jenner Contractors
BIM Project Management CDE Management Training Provision