Construction’s digital transformation is under way.

AIMIS’ raison d’etre is to educate the construction industry and support the whole supply chain to better utilise BIM processes. The standard simply requires more integrated ways of working. We can all become truly digital, collaborative and most importantly, accountable.

Efficiencies made in both time, and therefore cost, are being realised across the board, as well as data insights providing new solutions that are developing the way we build.


The BIM Series

Making the commitment of adopting BIM doesn’t have to be a complicated process. AIMIS began with the intention of helping businesses embrace digital construction and take the leap into becoming BIM enabled.

We’ve produced some guides to get you started on your digital transformation, created for those who might have little to no understanding of what BIM is, how it can benefit your business or where to get started.

Read our downloadable series here and prepare your business for the future.


The Ultimate BIM Blog


Learning about BIM is simpler than it seems

According to a survey conducted by Viewpoint Construction, the main barrier that’s preventing businesses from using BIM in their projects is the lack of training that’s received. More than 60% of businesses have said they don’t use BIM because of their lack of understanding of the topic. Don’t let this stand in your way.

What’s BIM and why do you need it? That’s the question we’re here to answer.

AIMIS offers bespoke training services to companies that are on their BIM enablement journey, offering advice on software, processes, technology and challenges. We can help to train your workforce to make your business ISO 19650 compliant, and to a standard where they can help pass on this knowledge further down the chain.

Let’s tackle it together.