BIM Capability Assessment

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How BIM ready are you?

We understand that making the commitment to adopt BIM may seem daunting.

AIMIS was set up with the intention of helping businesses navigate and embrace digital change. We continue to be driven by watching those businesses become more efficient and successful as a result of that change.

We can assure you that the leap is worth it.

AIMIS work by immersing themselves in your business to ensure we fully understand the issues or challenges you face.  We can help you understand your current information and data capability and then demonstrate in simple terms where you need to be.

We aim to simplify the complex. We will not overwhelm you with standards and we will try to keep the acronyms to a minimum. AIMIS has a wealth of expertise grounded in many years of practical, real-world experience meaning we offer the best advice and solutions for your business.

Once we have identified your specific needs, we can then define a strategy perfectly aligned to your business. This could mean introducing a simple automated task, or delivering standards and implementation training, model development, data production, integration with CAFM systems or even delivering a fully integrated digital change programme to allow you to achieve ISO 19650 certification.

AIMIS can support your business every step of the way giving you the knowledge, tools and training to ensure a smooth and successful transition.