Modelling, Construction Sequencing and Cost Planning

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Models for all stages

AIMIS are equipped to deliver a range of modelling and coordination activities covering each of the dimensions associated with BIM. We have an experienced and dedicated team to help with any project requirements, from infrastructure surveys to asset management or even the creation of digital object libraries for building product manufacturers.

AIMIS’ range of modelling services:

Created using various sources of data including 2D drawings, point cloud surveys and asset specification information.

Developed using existing 3D model geometry and attaching it to your project programme tasks, allowing you to visualise build sequence and mitigate risk.

Developed to allow for budget tracking and cost analysis related activities. The fifth dimension of BIM associated with 3D and 4D visualises the progress of the activities and related costs over time resulting in greater accuracy for planning, estimates, changes, materials, equipment, or manpower required for a project.

From project information models we develop asset information models with the correct data to feed into asset management systems.

We help project teams coordinate their digital information using a variety of software to ensure a well-coordinated design is developed prior to construction starting. Early engagement with AIMIS will ensure an approach focused on avoidance rather than correction, i.e. clash detection, which importantly saves time over the project lifecycle.

If your project is further along into the design development process, we can help by developing a robust clash detection strategy to prioritise resolution aligned with programme to build.

  • Clash avoidance
  • Clash detection
  • Clash resolution
  • Model validation
  • Identifying scope gaps (ensuring the correct information in the model at the right time)

AIMIS can support with a wide range of technology and software. Our team includes qualified Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers and Architectural Technicians who fully understand current UK and international BIM standards including those of OpenBIM and BuildingSMART.